Saturday, January 05, 2008

Unplanned Activities

Today, my girlfriend sent me a SMS message saying that my cousin was going to come to Jogja (strange, why did my cousin sent a SMS message to her, not for me?). They were going to go to Amplaz and asked me if could accompany them. I said i couldn't that time, as i was having my first day of my second semester for my master degree (speaking of school, i didn't realize that today was my first day. I thought it should be tomorrow. Lucky me that i saw the schedule last night). I said i could after i finished my class around 4 PM.

At 3.30, i was already finished, so i came home and ask her whether she was still in Amplaz, but she said they will come to our house, so i'll just wait for them. In short, they arrived in my house and we had a chat. I was supposed to go with my girlfriend to Amplaz (we were planning to watch movie), but at the end, i canceled it and we (me and my girlfriend) accompany my cousins to Kedai 3 Nyonya, famous restaurant that has a headquarter in Jakarta and to Factory Outlet. It was really an unplanned activities, but the result was quite good for me.

Now, they are on their way back to Semarang. Have a nice trip, and i'm looking forward for your next visit next week big grin

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