Thursday, January 17, 2008

Linux To Unite Two Countries

Linux has made an outstanding achievement by making two countries that had cold war united on one development under Hana Linux Project. As Reported by Guardian, South Korea will set up Linux training centers in North Korea. As you might aware of, South Korea is one of Linux's biggest converts. Since discovering the free operating system in 2003, officials have unveiled plans to switch all government-run offices to Linux (something which is very rare in Indonesia).

Why they choose Linux for their operating system? There are several reason, but mainly are free and unification. By making one Linux version that will be used in all over Korean, it will be a Korean-universal Linux distribution, meaning that all people in Korea will use this version and it's getting easier to maintain, since almost everybody used it.

Is it possible to do that in this era of freedom when you are free to choose your own operating system? I think it does. When it comes to IT, South Koreans do things differently. Almost everyone in the country uses Korean search engine, Naver; Google is considered a poor man's substitute. MSN's Messenger plays second fiddle to the local Nate On service. Virtually the whole of South Korea snubs Windows Media Player for Gom Player. The list goes on.


  1. Information given here is really great.


  2. Setahuku lho.. d Korsel malah hampir semua pake Windows loh. Ak lom pernah nemuin 1 komputer-pun, di bank, kantor2 d kampus, perpustakaan, dll. yg bkn Windows. Mungkin kecuali di lab komputer y...

    Mungkin ini sudah sedikit berubah (wkt itu kan masih 2005, skrg dah 2008).

    Tapi kalo produk Microsoft yang laen emang jarang dipake. Kayak Office segala hampir ga ada yg pake. Mereka pake produk lokal semua. Cinta tanah air hehe...

    Kalo search engine biasanya mrk pake Daum, Naver sih ga gitu laku. Friendster d sana pake-nya Cyworld (semua anak muda minimal pny 1 account!). Email-nya hampir selalu Hanmail.

    Gomplayer itu emang bagus banget kok, lebih bagus drpd Windows Media Player maupun Winamp (menurutku)... tp yg versi bhs kor, klo yg versi inggris sdh di-downgrade (ga bisa bwt donlod acara2 tivi, dll).