Saturday, July 19, 2008

At Last

Finally i had a chance to see Batman: Dark Knight which has been on the movie theater since last Thursday. Some of my friends has seen this movie and they told me that it was a good movie (probably the best and most expected movie in 2008).

I was kinda worried, since people's enthusiasm on watching this movie in Jogja is so high. My students who bought the ticket went there at morning and all of the seat for 4 PM show was already full. We finally got the next one (7 PM). So we took that seat.

I arrived at Amplaz around 5 PM, since i wanted to have dinner and also i wanted to avoid the crowded street and also parking area. It's very messy when you go to Amplaz around 6 - 7 PM, since lots of people would go there. My students who bought the ticket went there around 6.20 and he arrived at 7 PM at the 21. Lucky us, the movie hasn't started yet.

Well, like any other posters, i won't reveal the plot. It's a great movie and it was a no pause movie. It's like watching Die Hard 4. Every minute is full of actions. You should see this movie and prepare some food, because you will be sitting for about 2:20 hours in the movie theater big grin

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