Friday, July 11, 2008

Lombok Ijo: Quick Review

I just came back from picking my cousin at the airport of Adi Sucipto. She came from Surabaya and stayed at my house tonight. The airport is getting better as the passage has finished, so it connects the parking area outside the airport area and the middle between arrival and departure section of the airport. It's full of air conditioner, so don't worry that it will be hot. One nice thing is that there are several alternatives besides using your own car. You can use TransJogja or Train to go to the main area of Jogja. No more taxi is required big grin

Ok, enough about airport. After picking up, we had dinner at Lombok Ijo. We decided to ate there because it's new (they had their grand opening earlier this week) and some of my colleagues had recommended me to try out this restaurant. Because we were heading the same direction, so we stopped by. We arrived there around 9.15 PM, but it was still full of people.

Next, we ordered some foods and drinks. It wasn't too expensive, so i guess that was the main interests. The guy came back saying that one of the menu we ordered was not available again. OK, i could accept that, because it's quite late. No problem, as we can order another one, and we did. Few minutes again, he came again and saying that another menu was not available. Well, another acceptance from us, so we took another one.

Next, the meal comes up and we ate. Finished? Not yet. Our drink was served at the time we almost finished eating. Usually drinks comes first. Is that all? Well, not quite, as they didn't serve our last order until we decided to cancel those orders (we have waited for about 1 hours and it didn't come out even after we asked the waiter several times). In fact, people who got there after us got what the same menu we ordered, but we didn't. Grr..... angry

Guest what order that didn't come out? It was Tahu Penyet and Tempe Penyet. Only a simple menu. With that many people working at the kitchen, i don't think it would take more than 1 hour to make that menu.

Well, i'm quite disappointed tonight. I'd say 5/10.