Monday, July 21, 2008

Speedy Getting UnSpeedy?

Lately, i have a feeling that my Internet connection (Speedy) is getting slower than usual. My students informed me that if we turned on the modem we used for 24 hours, the speed will drop. I don't know what theory is being used to make that conclusion, since i have been using my modem for few months and most of the time, i never turned it off (neither did my computer). But lately, the connection speed is really dropped compared to 1-2 months ago.

Speedy has upgraded their bandwidth to 1 Mbps few month ago and i hope it's not just a marketing tools to attract more customers.

Any other Speedy customer feeling the same experience?


  1. Anonymous6:11 AM

    My internet connection is randomized, hehehe.
    Sometimes it has very high speed, sometimes slower than a turtle

  2. Well, i'm not a speedy customer, but IndosatM2 cable internet has already launched the exact campaign as Speedy in December. And in the beginning (about three months after the upgrade to 1mbps from 384kbps), it's like an almost perfect-almost dream-like ISP, because it gives you (also) almost 24 hours of 1mbps internet connection.

    But then :( about 2 months ago, their internet services start becoming so painfully slow, like in the morning through afternoon you'll get 100-130kbps. Then it goes like that for 24 hours.

    Once again, it's the exact marketing campaign as speedy! From 384kbps to 1mbps, with no price raised.

    Finally i put them on newspaper, then their company's spokeperson come to my house, describing my experience as "normal" due to the "up to" service. word of advice for Speedy Users if the exact same thing happen: Unite, Make a petition, Unite, Put them in newspaper, unite, on and on until the service got better. These internet service provider companies reaaaally needs a lesson. :(

  3. yahya: yes, i have the same condition right now. In the past, mine is always fast

    gagah: i think it's very tipical in Indonesia that at the beginning, they gave full speed, but after few months, they started to limit the bandwidth