Monday, July 07, 2008

Web Design Resources

Sometimes people are confused to find good resources which cover all aspects of web design. Well, if you are one of them, have a look on this site. It listed lots of good resources from Specifications related to web, HTML, CSS, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PHP, Site submission to search engine, MySQL, Perl, Python, ASP, Accessibility, Character Encoding, etc.

I was wondering why on earth Python and Perl are included in web design resources? nerdYeah, i know that Perl and Python can be used as well to create web pages using CGI, but i don't think many people uses CGI for developing web pages right now. They probably have switched to better technologies, like PHP, ASP.NET, or JSP.


  1. I beg to differ, in today's trend some general programming language (GPL) like python or ruby are becoming the choice for a robust and agile language for making a dynamic web pages.

    check out django, (used by popular website, or turbo gears which all based on python.

    and how about that oh-so-famous RoR that based on Ruby programming language? more and more website tend to choose these kinds of language nowadays

    I probably would say, in some parts these GPL is actually much faster than scripting language like PHP. Check this for a framework comparison analystic report of some programming language.

    and oh yeah, I'm not a python or ruby zealot or whatever. :D

  2. You have shared here about good resources of
    website development
    and design that is awesome.Tell me,Python language is used for web developing or designing.

  3. I'd say no for both design and develop, as Python is good for computation, but not the best one for web development, even though it's possible to use Python for web development.

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    the inclusion of pearl and python in the web designing is a good thing because these languages gives you the dynamic and more price website layout !

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