Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wrong Translations

I went to Amplaz again to watch Red Cliff, a movie about three kingdom, which is a legendary Chinese story. When i was walking at the mall, waiting for the movie (i went there earlier to avoid busy hours during weekend), i saw funny thing. I looked at Batik Keris. They had a nice Wayang model and below the model, it's said "Memecahkan berarti membeli. Breaking is Buying." rolling on the floor

I guess you all know what's wrong with the translations. They just translate the Indonesian word directly to English, so the meaning is lost. Of course, breaking is not equals to buying, because it's completely different. I suppose they meant to be "if you break it, you will have to buy it". Why don't they make it "you break, you buy". Well, that's just my opinion. I hope they changed the translations soon enough before any foreign people see it big grin

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