Sunday, July 27, 2008

Atheros Linux Driver

In the past, people who had wireless card with Atheros chipset would have to use drivers from MadWifi if they are using Linux platform. Soon, their pain will be cured as Atheros is bringing on athk9 to the community. This driver is aimed at inclusion to the Linux kernel and supports all Atheros IEEE 802.11n devices.

There are still a plenty of work to be done, but they will work out this problem with the community to get the best of linux driver for wireless card with Atheros chipset on it. For more information, please refer to this site.

I might say that this driver is being prepared to be included when 2.6.28 merge window is opened by Linus in about two months from now. Probably it's too late for them to include this big changes in 2.6.27. They also have plenty of time to work on the code, including making it compliant with Linux kernel coding standards, working on documentation, and finishing the basic feature that are mostly used by people.

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