Friday, July 18, 2008

Upgrading Forum

I just finished upgrading Indonesian Linux Forum to the latest version of phpBB (3.0.2). Actually, i found out that there's a new version of phpBB accidentally. I just check the system tab and i saw a red note saying that my installation is out of date. I rushed to see the changelog and grab the files.

Interestingly, phpBB has a good mechanism to update your installation. You can use the full package (it's best option for new installation though), changed file only (contains only those files changed from previous versions of phpBB3), patched files (contains patch compatible patches from previous versions of phpBB3), automatic updates, and code changes. In the past, i used the changed file only, meaning that i must re-add my MODs after i upload the new files, which is quite boring at time wasting.

Today, i tried the new method, automatic update process. The update process is very simple and i'm sure you can do it by yourself if you read the instructions carefully. I finished the upgrade process in less than 15 minutes (most of the time wasted was to upload the files to the server. If you have fast connection, i think it can be done in less than 10 minutes) and everything is done automatically, with no more MOD checking like in the past. So far, all the MODs are still there and functioning well (cross-fingered whistling)

Congratulations to phpBB team. They have made Olympus a great product with great upgrade mechanism.

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