Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yahoo Messenger has a Buzz function to get attention from other people. This function will make the chat window became active and shake for few seconds. This way, it will make the other party gets "disturbed". This function is really useful, but it could be annoying, mostly when you are at work and there's people who keep buzzing you and hoping that you would reply their question (well, it doesn't matter if the question is important, but what if it doesn't?) Of course, this feature can be disabled on the settings. Otherwise, it can be used to make people upset devil.

Sometimes, people asked questions without asking whether the other party has time or not. And they keep buzzing like crazy angry. I just hate it when people do that.

Lucky me that i used Linux on most of my time, both in office or at home. I used Pidgin client which can work as YM client or any other IM client (MSN, GaduGadu, IRC, AOL, etc). Pidgin does support buzz (via /buzz at the chat window), but if someone buzzed at you, the window will not be active and it won't shake at all. It just produces a sound (if you turned on the speaker) and there will be some notifications on the system tray. It's just a simple way to avoid getting buzzed by everybody cool

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