Sunday, July 27, 2008

TechnoSnack: Computer & Internet Aggregator

Curious about Computer or Internet-related news? Perhaps you should add this site to your read-list or even better, add their RSS Feed into your RSS Aggregator application and ask them to update it once every hour or so and you will get lots of updates about Computer and Technology, mostly are Open Source and Linux news.

There are several blogs that has been registered. I was asked by Susan of TechnoSnack to join the aggregator, but unfortunately this blog is not talking about computer and technology exclusively. Sometimes i did put some technology-related news, but that's not everyday.


  1. Have you got a feed link regarding a single category about "computer"?

    If yes, we can aggregate posts about linux, internet, windows, and more on...

    Let us know ;-)

    ThanX for the post!
    TechnoSNACK Team.

  2. I'm afraid Blogger doesn't have that kind of feature