Saturday, July 05, 2008

More Changes From RS

It seems that RapidShare is changing a lot lately. If you see the News page, then you will understand. They didn't do a lot of changes in the past, but after the new home page redesign, they also changed some of their rules. And here comes another two updates:

Summer special "Buy 2, get 3": 3-day premium account for only 4.50 Euro
July 03, 2008
If you buy a 2-day premium account, we give you a full day extra. Secure your 3-day account now for only 4.50 Euro!

RapidPoints for Premium Downloads
July 02, 2008
In the past, Premium and Collector's Accounts were only credited a RapidPoint when a file was downloaded by a Free User.

From now on, Premium Downloads can generate up to 255 additional RapidPoints per day. Those extra points will be displayed in the account overview in the Premium or Collector's Zone.

Once a day, the extra points will be added to the Premium or Collector's Account's RapidPoints balance and the extra points counter will be reset to zero.

The second updates will boost the RapidPoint accumulation since download from other Premium users will also be counted as a Rapid Point. Nice.... big grin