Thursday, July 10, 2008

Informatics Bootcamp 2008

Next week, i will participate in my campus' bootcamp which will be held in GHCC Kaliurang (yes, three times in Kaliurang this month for my colleagues and two for me). Unfortunately, i will not be able to participate full time, due to my class in this short semester (second block). I will stay there at the first and second day, where i will be talking about introduction to software engineering (day 1) and also about Design Document (day 2).

This is one full week activity, meaning the participant will be quarantined in Kaliurang and at the end of week, they will work in team to work on a small project which will be given at the first day.

This is preliminary event. If this one is quite success, we will try to make this kind of event annually, so students can use their free time to work on something rather than just playing online game and wasting their precious time.

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