Friday, July 25, 2008

HTTPS Support on GMail

So far, i used Better GMail 2 extension to add several features in GMail, for example HTTP Support to encrypt all my data across the wire(less) communication. Some of these features are being integrated by Google Developers, meaning that more function is already available on GMail (some of these features are still in GMail Labs, waiting for better testing by people who used GMail around the world).

Today, GMail added new feature to their GMail product which was already included in Better GMail 2, which is HTTPS Support. By enabling this feature, all of your activities will be placed in https protocol rather than the default http (in the past, GMail only use https when you logged in and after that, they will switch to http unless you said to use https). The reason behind this is that https works with encrypted data, so it will take time to decrypt the data. It's not efficient if you use https all the time if you are working at home. But if you use public hotspots, then https is a must.

Good job GMail team. We are waiting for your next innovations big grin

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