Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dealing With PayPal

Since early March, my PayPal account received a lot of money from someone that i don't know. They send me so much money, but i suspected that those were fraud or probably their account was hijacked by other people and send the money to me.

At first, i was happy to receive the money, but when i got USD 10000, i wondered Big Eyes. Who on earth would send me that much money for free? I don't reject if it's truly donations though lmao

I sent an email to the sender and asked for their confirmation and after getting their answer that it wasn't them who sent it, i cancelled and refunded the money to the original owner. The stories goes on with more transactions involving my PayPal account. The nominal were so good. USD 10000, USD 9000, GBP 5000 Money

The worst part was last night where i got an email from PayPal saying that my account was suspended due to being suspected to illegal activitiy. I had thought that this would happened since it's so unusuall to receive lots of money suddenly. They asked me to give them more information about myself and also my business documents. I tried to provide them as much as i can, but there were some documents that i couldn't give to them as i don't really sell items to anyone else. I sell services to other people, so when PayPal asked me to send them tracking numbers, invoices, and supplier contacts, i told them i don't have any. I have sent a complain twice since yesterday via their contact us page.

I can't wait too long, so i took a decision to call the headquarter in Singapore and they asked for my problem. At first i had problems communicating with the customer service. She understands my English, but i can't understand hers Doh. She transfered it to other department and luckily the second customer service speaks English more fluent than the first one. I told the customer service about my situations and the reason why i can't provide them with the information. We had some time discussing my issues and luckily i can make the customer service understand my position. She agreed that i don't have to supply any other documents due to my situations and the rest of the documents were confirmed by phone.

I also asked her to refund or cancels all the transactions that are being held by PayPal for me and she told me that my problem should be solved and i should only wait for email confirmation from PayPal. Let's hope they will reinstante my account as soon as possible.

Thank you for the customer support who have helped me resolving this problem and i hope i won't get into this kind of problem anymore in the future Goodluck

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