Saturday, March 12, 2011

NGO Magazine Arrived

After some time, finally my NGO magazine subscriptions has arrived. I subscribed to NGO last year, but they told me that my subscription will start at February 2011, so i had to wait until next year. It was OK with me and i waited until few days ago.

My first package arrived with two editions in one bundle. They were February and March edition. I was delighted to see the magazine as i have been waiting for this. Unfortunately they didn't send me the free jacket as well. Probably on the next shipment.

Meanwhile, my Smashing Book 2 order hasn't arrived yet until today. I took the pre-order back in January and they shipped it on January 27, but until today, i still haven't got it. I asked the customer service and they finally agreed to re-send the book with an upgraded shipping option few days ago and it should arrive in Indonesia in the next few days (it was sent from Germany). Let's hope it arrived safely this time not worthy

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