Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Slackware 13.2 RC 1

Finally, an update to Slackware-Current is moving on again, but this time, it's quite big and guess what? We have a RC 1 release already Yahoo

As you probably know, RC 1 in Slackware is different with other Linux distributions. In other distributions, it would take some time before the final version is released after their RC 1 release. This condition is unlikely to happened in Slackware, because in most cases, there will be only minor changes after RC 1 is released, unless there's something really buggy that needs to be fixed.

Many interesting new packages on this update, including the new default kernels supported in the next Slackware release which will be using 2.6.37.x series, a big jump from 2.6.35.x series. I think it's a good decision as 2.6.35.x will not get much update by the maintainer and it's best to use the latest -Stable kernel maintained by Greg. A lot of other packages gets included in this update, including vim, gnupg2, compiz, samba, firefox, thunderbird, jre/jdk, and also an addition of gdisk which should make Slackware really works with GPT on 13.2 Russian Emot

Many laptop users will be quite happy with the addition of newer Intel Centrino Wireless-N chipset support on Slackware 13.2

In overall, Slackware is still one of the best Linux distribution that integrates both stability and security as a base to a good operating system for desktops, laptops, workstations, and on servers.

Kudos to Patrick Volkerding and Slackware crews WorshipApplause

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  1. Slackware is just the best! I can't wait for the release!!!