Tuesday, March 29, 2011

openSUSE 11.4 Edu Li-f-e

OpenSUSE has just released OpenSUSE 11.4 two weeks ago and now they are releasing an education version of OpenSUSE called OpenSUSE 11.4 Edu L-i-f-e which brings around 150 educational applications into the build and remove unneccesary packages. It can be used for any level of education, starting from elementary school until senior high school. It can also be used for lab class, where students can try to simulate or doing some demos on something.

Basically it can be used on any educational environment as it's bundled with KIWI-LTSP server that can be enabled even by non-technical user, bundled with tons of useful applications from openSUSE Education, Build Service and Packman repositories. With the KIWI-LTSP server you can PXE(network) boot other PCs to use this live DVD without installing or modifying anything on them.

You can download the ISO from OpenSUSE or at SourceForge. If you want to make a live USB, please refer to this page