Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Working Towards Apache 2.4

Many new features and enhancements has been integrated in the development version of the next Apache release, 2.3.xx series. Some of them are:
  • KeepAliveTimeout in milliseconds
  • Loadable MPMs
  • Per-module and per-directory LogLevel configuration
  • Event MPM
  • Asynchronous support
  • Per-request configuration sections
For more information about highlight features in Apache 2.4, please see the Overview page while if you are looking for more detailed information, please have a look on the CHANGES.

Beta version of the next Apache release are already published and ready to be tested by developers around the world Yahoo

IMHO, Apache developers must work hard in order to keep Apache be the most widely used web servers as nowadays there are a lot of new projects, such as nginx, lighthttpd, and many more

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