Friday, March 18, 2011

Smashing Book 2 Arrived

I have been waiting for my order of Smashing Book 2 package and finally it arrived here safely at my house as of today. Let me write some story behind this package.

I pre-ordered Smashing Book in January early this year once it was announced that the pre-order was ready. They charged my credit card and shipped it on January 27. They said it would take 4-6 weeks to reach Indonesia and from my previous experience on buying Smashing Book, it would only take 2 weeks to reach my place.

Unfortunately, the package didn't arrive until mid February, so i asked the support from Smashing Magazine and they asked for me to wait until the end of February. I waited and the package never arrived at the end of February. I sent an email again to the support and ask them what should i do with it.

Somehow, their answer was so relieving. They agreed to send me another book of Smashing Book 2 without no extra charge. This time, they upgrade their shipping method so that it can be tracked (registered air mail delivery). They sent me the tracking numbers and i can see it on a website in Germany and also in Indonesia when it has reached Indonesia.

Today, the package arrived. I was surprised to see it because according to the site, it was still in Jakarta since two days ago. I guess they didn't update the shipment yet.

Anyways, thanks to the support department of Smashing Magazine and to all Smashing Magazine authors. You did it again with another great book of Smashing Magazine 2 Applause

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