Friday, March 11, 2011

Huge Disaster

This evening, i watched a stunning news about huge tsunami that hit Japan caused by an earthquake with 8.8 richter scale. Japan is known for earthquakes and in one year, it's common for them to have more than 10 earthquakes. The government and the people has aware of this issue and tried their best to do preventions and so far, they have done a great job, until today's disaster.

When i watched TV, i was wondering. What would it be if Indonesia is struct by that kind of tsunami? Few years ago, Indonesia was hit by tsunami in Aceh and it was not as big as this one, but the effect of that disaster was so disastreous.

Even so, i must admit that i admire Japanese's government who already had a contigency plan for this kind of disaster so that the lost can be minimized. They even have so many backup plans to restore their economics after the disaster. I really hope that Indonesian's government is able to do the same thing as the Japanese since Indonesia has the same potential of earthquakes.

Be Strong!!! Applause

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