Thursday, March 03, 2011

Exam and Meeting

I have finished my exam this evening and the results will be given one month later. I hope i can pass this exam, as this is my first time taking this kind of exam. IMHO, the time given was so short because there were 90 questions and we have to use the old method: marking the options using 2B pencil in order to be marked by a computer software that works like OCR. There are so many problems using this method, for example a miss detection of the entries.

After the exam, i went back to hotel and stayed for an hour to wait for my sister who picked me up and drop me at Grand Indonesia where i met up with one of AVNet representative to discuss our next event which will be held in May. We discussed this while having dinner too. Let's hope the event can be conducted in short time.

When i got back at the hotel, i packed my bags because i'm leaving back to Jogja tomorrow at noon.

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