Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Firefox 4: Not as Fast as i Hoped For

I have been expecting Firefox 4.0 since it's a major update from my primary browser. I tried to keep updated by reading as much news as possible about Firefox 4.0 release and the media seems to talked about it so much. What i really need from Firefox 4.0 is stability and faster browser.

Today, Firefox 4.0 final is officially released and i have been using RC 2 since few days ago. I noticed that even though Firefox 4 is much more stable, it's speed is not as speedy as it's claimed or talked by media. Some of web sites i visit even have performance penalty after upgrading to Firefox 4 (i suspect a buggy extension after several testing though).

Well, the speed performance is probably due to hardware acceleration. Since i don't have GPU that can be used, it's performance is not as fast as it claimed. Anyway, i think Firefox 4.0 is a nice and must-have upgrade Yahoo

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