Friday, March 25, 2011

Moving Target

Lately, Google Chrome is like a monster who keeps running like it was chased by a ghost. They are releasing Google Chrome in a fast pace and sometimes it's too fast for users to follow as new version will came up every few days to weeks. I must say that they are doing a great job for creating such fast, stable browser, but a major upgrade on one or two months is beyond most people's expectation.

Google Chrome is also a hot topic on Slackware's mailing list, since Pat has introduced the SlackBuild for building it by repackaging from Google's Debian package. It's running fine as of now, but there are some information that the next Google Chrome (11.x) which now resides on Beta will have PAM as one of it's requirements. As you probably know, Slackware hasn't been using PAM for some time and most users are fine with these conditions. If Google Chrome doesn't give any options to disable PAM at building time, it's probably the right time to rethink whether we should include PAM or remove Google Chrome from /extra just because of PAM thing.

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