Sunday, March 19, 2006

Small Problem With Flickr

I have a plan to upload some picture of myself in my web hosting and i tried to use it for my Friendster, Blogger, and also for avatar in Indonesian Linux Forum. So far so good, until in one day, the domain was down and it couldn't be accessed for several days. Some of my other account got the impact of this, so i tried to find another free image hosting and i found Flickr, which is now owned by Yahoo!.

I tried to sign in using my Yahoo ID and it worked. I don't need to sign up and pick another account, but i can use my Yahoo ID instead (that's the good point. with only one single ID, i can access all Yahoo services). So i began to upload several pictures for my blog, avatar, and other services. Everything goes fine until yesterday i tried to upload a new avatar to replace my avatar in Indonesian Linux Forum. I uploaded a GIF file, because i need some transparent avatar so that it can be the same as the background color, so it can fit everywhere. But after i uploaded, it was converted to jpg, so that the transparency was gone and i tried this several times until i gave up. So the default format for Flickr is JPG, which doesn't support transparency.

I knew that i had to find another free image hosting which support my requirements, so i tried to use kupload and i tried to change it from GIF to PNG (why does this idea doesn't appear when i had problem with Flickr?). I tried to convert it to PNG and upload it to Kupload and it worked like a charm. Now i can use my new avatar. You can see it by viewing my profile.


  1. wah, gak cobain mas. lumayan 50 MB. tapi emang sih feature yang di tawarin photobucket kalah jauh dengan flickr

  2. kalo cuma jpg, aku puas dengan flickr, tp kalo perlu yg animasi, mendingan aku upload di kupload aja, cukup bagus dan simple kok. Dia bisa anonymous lagi, jadi gak perlu sign in segala hehehehe