Monday, March 27, 2006


One of my colleague bought some nice stereogram book and i tried to look on it to find the answer. I have tried this when i was a child, but i never made it so far, so i wanted to give it a try again this time, but too bad i couldn't make it again. There is a direction on how to do it, but i can't do it either. I think i have to find another solution to get this through, since i was very curious on how people can see the 3D images so fast without having any trouble at all.

I browse the Internet and found some website that discuss about this. One of them are 3DWonderStuff and it wrote some techniques that can be used to see the 3D images. I will read it more carefull and hopefully in the few days later, i can see the 3D images at the book.


  1. I think it's easy to see what's in the stereogram. Maybe you can try this: imagine that there is a thing about 20 cm behind the stereogram and you should look at the stereogram as if you look at that thing.

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    If you don't have depth perseption problem you definitely can see 3D stereograms. Have you ever seen 3D movie or 3D picture with funny red/green glasses?

    Some links to 3D Stereogram related websites:

  3. has a basic sterogram generator (uses your text).

  4. here's another link, you can create a stereogram by uploading a mask or enter a text of your choice

    Make your own stereogram