Friday, June 23, 2006

CD Delivery Is No Longer Costly?

For some time in the past, people have complained that they have paid so much for Ubuntu CDs which can be requested freely by ordering at Ubuntu Linux (you can see some of them in Priyadi's blog). Some people have been asked to pay two hundred thousands rupiahs (or perhaps more) for those CDs, so most people will just download or copy from their friends rather than having to pay that sum of money just for the delivery services. When i ordered Ubuntu 4.10, i only had to pay seven thousands rupiahs and for the new 6.06 version, i only have to pay three thousands rupiahs, even though i ordered a lot of them (8 Ubuntu Linux, 10 Kubuntu Linux, 5 Edubuntu, and 2 Ubuntu Linux for Mac platform). Here are the screenshots of the of the bill i should paid for the services (Thanks to my colleague, Adi Saputra which i borrowed his mobile phone to took this screenshots. For Nana, here are the screenshots you asked hehe, so i'm not in the 68% list hehehe)

I hope everybody will get the same treatment as i get for this services. So far, only me and Nana who post about this, so let's wait for several days as most of Indonesian people will rather order it online instead of downloading because of the lack of bandwidth in some places.


  1. yap, sama. gue udah dua kali rikwes, yang terakhir rada banyak. dan masing-masing bisa diambil cukup dgn bayar 3000 perak...

  2. oia, lupa. ini pengalaman gue waktu pertama kali dapet kiriman ubuntu. jadi bukan mas willy dan mbak nana aja loh :D

  3. wah, berarti Anda cukup beruntung kalo 22nya cukup dibayar dengan 3000 perak. Saya yang pertama dapet 7000 (di Jogja)