Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tokyo Drift OST

Finally, after downloading for few hours using Bittorrent, finally i can listen to OST (Original Sound Track) of The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift. It has a total of 12 songs. It all happened when at the mourning, my friend visited mp3.com and listen to the OST by streaming. I was curious if the OST is available in the Internet. So, i searched the album via Google, my favourite search engine and i found a link which provide a torrent file for the OST. I started to download it and now, i'm already listening on it. Nice songs (it will be great if the car is also available, but it's quite impossible for me)


  1. nothing is impossible.. hehehe
    u can go timezone and u can use mp3 player n play that music.
    Hahahaha B-A-R-R-A-C-U-D-AAAAAA
    fast and furioussss (drift-drift-drift)
    fast and furioussss (drift-drift-drift)
    Are u Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. But i cannot drift when i play in TimeZone :D

    The only place where i can drift is by playing Gokart.

    Are you ready???? GOOOOOOOOOOO......KAAAAAAAARTTT......

  3. Oke we meet in next season :D
    hahahha :D
    Wanna Bet??