Friday, June 02, 2006

Massive Updates

Today there are a lot of updates just like few days ago. Mozilla has released an update for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird which should be released in, but there was one critical patch that should be sent to consumer so they postponed this updates and planned to release it in You can see what has been fixed in Firefox and Thunderbird.

Slackware-current has also upgraded some of their packages, including the latest kernel package which was released few days ago (trying to catch bleeding-edge of the kernel i think, since it's only 1 patch from the previous version). I'm still waiting for kernel 2.6.17 which soon will come out and bring a lot of updates to the GNU/Linux systems.

Java has also being updated to 1.5.0_07. There is a lot of time gap between this release and the previous 1.5.0_06. You can see what has been changed in their Release Notes.

Another big release is KDE which has just released another updates, KDE 3.5.3. Taken from KDE's website :
Unusually for a maintenance release, new features were implemented due to the long release cycle of the eagerly-awaited KDE 4. Stability and speed were also improved, along with increasingly complete translations in 65 languages.

Significant enhancements include:

* KDE startup sequence reordered to improve startup time.
* Over 800 minor issues fixed thanks to Coverity, as part of a project initiated with funding from the United States Government.
* Small new features were implemented in Akregator, KMail and KAlarm. This release alters the tradition of limiting "maintenance releases" to bug fixes. "Feature freeze" was relaxed somewhat to accommodate qualitative improvements held back by the long release cycle of stable 3.5.x series.

let's wait for the next updates in Slackware-current. It will be a huge updates :D