Thursday, June 15, 2006

Picasa Web Albums

After Eko sees my post about Google Browser Sync, now it's my turn to see his post about Picasa Web Albums. I have signed up yesterday and this morning, i received an email about the service. I just need to open a browser and open the link that they have given to me and i can start using Picasa Web Albums. If you have Picasa, then you can upload your photos using this application. It's well integrated with the Picasa (i don't know if it works also with Linux version of Picasa, but i think it should be also, since the Linux version is basically the same version as the Windows version, but runs on Wine). If you don't have Picasa, then you can start uploading your photos manually, just like Flickr.

The interface being used is very user friendly and i like it. You don't need too much complicated settings just to upload or publish your photos to public. This is what Google has done in most of their application. They addopt KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach and this is what i like, as more complex interface will make the application slower and consumes more memory/resources.

I have uploaded some of my pictures and it can be accessed via this url :