Monday, June 05, 2006

Informatix Is Back

Finally, the DNS record has been switched to the new name server and Informatix is now back to online, but unfortunately, i don't bring the backup for Informatix today, so i just put an index page for that. My website has come back online again, since i have a backup on my office laptop, so i can upload it as soon as possible. Local OOo Documentation project page has also been restored and they are online also. Too bad, we lost our forum and screenshots for Linux's desktop that we made when we are still learning GNU/Linux for the first time.

I hope i can make the main page came back online tommorrow as tonight i will upgrade my Slackware system with the latest update from Slackware-current changelog. There has been an official KDE 3.5.3 packages on the -current tree, so i'm going to upgrade it tonight. I downloaded a total of 390 MB tonight just to get the updates for Slackware. Luckily i can finish it all tonight and let's have a nice upgrade to KDE 3.5.3. Last night i also compile the latest kernel and it worked well.