Monday, June 19, 2006

Upgraded to 2.6.17 Successfully

After some time of answering the questions being displayed and compiling the kernel itself, finally my working kernel 2.6.17 is installed. As i tought in my previous post, the new kernel will bring some changes, both internally and externally, so you will have to look for information about the new release before you start upgrading before you break some of the functionality of your system. One of them is KernelNewbies. It provides great resources and tutorials for kernel developers newbie and also people who are interested in Kernel development (or just to see human readable changelog, rather than looking at the kernel's changelog directly which a bit of complicated for ordinary people like me).

The .config file being used is quite different since the kernel itself has changed, so there are some options being removed and added in this release, so you will likely gets a lot of questions when you tried to compile your kernel using your old .config file like i experienced. The kernel image that being produced is also larger than the previous kernel version. You can see the difference in the screenshots below. You can also see my .config file as reference. It's a working .config file for Slackware-current, so if you are using Slackware-current, you can try to use this file.

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