Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dozens of Updates

Microsoft Corporation has just released a dozens of updates on their regular monthly security updates. Eight of them are considered critical, while the rest three updates are important and one patch is considered moderate. This month's update include two patches for Microsoft Office products, Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office PowerPoint, one patch for Windows Media Player, and two patches for Internet Explorer. You can get them on the Security Bulletin page. Please note that support for Windows 98 has been dropped and there isn't any patches for Windows 98. They just provide some workarounds to solve problems that arose in Windows 98.

They also have launched a new Microsoft Update service which gives better solution than Windows Update few months ago. What i don't like on this service is that they recommend to turn on the Automatic Updates features to download them automatically. I don't like this approach, since it will be slower, since i usually use download manager to download them. I usually pick the third options (Notify me, but don't automatically download and install them). This way, i can search for the packages in Microsoft's site and download them. Another reason is that i need the patch also for my laptop, so i have to download them separately in order to install it in my private laptop.

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