Saturday, June 03, 2006

Education Ethic

Today i went to a well known university in Jakarta to accompany my cousin for his final project. I was quite confused with the mentor, since this is a one person project, but he said that it would need more than people to do that and the worst thing is that he said that you can use any program, including programs in the Internet, as long as you can explain it well to the tester of your final project. They don't want to give a **** care about how the process was done. They only wanted to know the final results. Is this how education ethic was implemented here? I was kindda surprised, since it's a well known university in Jakarta. The building was nice and clean, but the human resources?

Other thing is that they wrote down the password and URL for internal system, (one with the root password, even though i'm not sure that they use GNU/Linux for their systems. Maybe an admin password). That kind of information was not supposed to be written in a whiteboard where people who came there can see. Those information should be kept carefully, unless you want your system to be messed up by other people.

The conclusion is that we should never judge everything from the outer part. We should look also the inner part of thing that we want to judge, since we may never know what lurks inside.