Monday, June 12, 2006

Google Browser Sync

Another Google product and this time, it has to do with Firefox, the open source browser which recently became one of the recommended browser by some organizations, because it has a better security measurements among the other browser (i must admit that Firefox is not the perfect product, since it still contains 4 unfixed bugs and 1 partial fixes, based on Secunia). It also has slower startup time compared to Opera, but still i like Firefox, as it can be extended by using extensions.

One of the latest product from Google also comes in form of Extension, called Google Browser Sync. This extension can syncronize your browser settings, thus you will have the same settings on all of your computers (you may need to install the extension on the second computer as well). It can be used for another purpose, which is backup. It uses Google accounts to identify the users, but it's fairly common for people to have Google accounts, mostly from GMail invitations. Nice apps and this can be usefull when you are travelling in other city or country. Just hope that they had Firefox in their laptop in install the extension, and all of your information will be available from Google's server.

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