Friday, June 09, 2006

Partial Migration

Few months ago Mandriva has started to test the SVN version for their projects, including the i18n project. When i tried to update the Indonesian translation, i couldn't do a commit on DrakX file since it's locked. I asked Pablo, coordinator for i18n project and he only said that the file was changed. I have known about this changes, but still i couldn't find it on the CVS site. Later on, i ask Thierry Vignaud, another cooker developer who works on the i18n project also and i found out that the DrakX and initscripts file has been migrated to SVN, while the others still using CVS. It's quite strange, since it's only a partial migration. Why would they use two kind of control system for a single purpose?

The other bad news is that my username wasn't listed in the new svn account, so i couldn't checkout a new module. I have sent an email about this to Thierry and let's wait for his answer.