Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Opera 9.0

Opera 9.0 has been released after their second beta release and a long waited browser is now available. Major features implemented in this release are Content blocking, BitTorrent support, Widgets, Search engine editor, Site preferences, New installer. One package -- 30 languages, Integrated source viewer, and opera:config for advanced settings configuration. For full and complete changelogs, please see for each platform (Windows and GNU/Linux). Since Opera 9.0 has passed Acid Test2 and updated their support for CSS (version 2 and 3 partially), SVG, and other W3C Specification, most developers will be likely use this browser as one of the browser to be used in their testing in order to gain maximum compatibility with other browsers also. Me myself have started to use this browser when testing a web page when it's still in version 7.50 up to now.

Opera now supports opera:config which is like the same as about:config in Mozilla Firefox. It's used to set some settings in Opera. It has nice interface. You can see Windows's version below :

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