Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good, But Not Good Enough

I watched a world cup match between Netherlands and Serbia Monte-Negro and the match was very attractive, compared to England vs Paraguay. Both team show a high speed match and even some individual skills (mostly are Arjen Robben). As far as i seen, the Dutch seems to depends too much on Arjen Robben to break up the defense line. The ball supply mostly goes to the left side, rather than to the right side, even in that position, they have van Persie which is good enough to do the task. Ruud van Nistelrooy also didn't do his job too good on this match. It wasn't his best performance tonight and being replaced as the result.

That's the good news. The bad news was that the presenter for the match wasn't good enough to be a presenter for this big game such as World Cup. Some people have complained and wrote it in their blog, such as Priyadi. Other people were complaining about the opening ceremonial which wasn't broadcasted by SCTV that have the license on that. The news was written in Kompas also. SCTV said that the license was different and it would cost so much as it costs about 1 Billion rupiahs. I think they can pay that money just from the commercial advertisements during the World Cup events which held for about 1 month. Well... business is business, but they couldn't ignore customer's desire to watch the opening ceremonial of World Cup 2006. I hope they broadcast the closing of the World Cup and don't the same mistake twice.