Friday, June 23, 2006

(Edu/K/U)buntu CD Arrived

Ubuntu Linux
Just now, my order of (Edu/K/U)buntu CDs arrived at my office. It was sent from Netherlands via TPG Post. I ordered them last month (at the end of May i think) and less than one month, the CD has been delivered safely. Thanks to Cannonical who supports Ubuntu developments. This shipment is a lot faster than my previous orders (back when Ubuntu first releases 4.10 version. My order of 5.10 wasn't delivered up to now, but i have the latest 6.06 LTS for now).

Ubuntu Linux has become one of the trends nowadays and it has won a PCWorld 2006 awards. Every release will bring a lot of attention for many peoples around the world. I personally use Ubuntu for rescue CD when needed and not in my daily activities, as i'm fairly happy with Slackware.

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