Sunday, June 18, 2006

Linux Kernel 2.6.17

Finally, the final version of Linux kernel 2.6.17 is out and available for public. This kernel version (code name "Crazed Snow-Weasel") has been queued for a long time (Linus released six Release Candidate version before the final version). As usual, the final version of a new kernel will bring some changes in configuration and may break things in your system, so please have a look on the changelog first before you start upgrading your kernel. If you would like to read a human readable changelog, i suggest you visit KernelNewbies.

Kernel 2.6.16.x is one of the big jump and now, the story continues to 2.6.17. It's time to download, compile, and upgrade my Slackware system. One note for those that uses WiFi feature based on Centrino chipsets, you should upgrade your firmware to 3.0 version which can be downloaded from IPW2200 project. I believe there should be many changes should be made if you want to use this kernel version, so read the changelog carefully and make a good planning on it.


  1. Polisi Gremer9:26 AM

    > has been queue for a long time

    Maksudnya "has been queued", ato "has been in the queue" kali ye.
    "has been queue" salah tu.

  2. yup, my mistakes. It has been edited :D