Sunday, July 30, 2006

Compiling PHP5

Few days ago i tried to upgrade my PHP into PHP5 (5.1.4) on my Slackware, but i always get an error on gd that wasn't referenced to libiconv_open. That was strange, as i used the GD bundled in the PHP packages, so it should be working. I have downloaded the latest libiconv directly from GNU's website and have installed it, but still didn't work. I thought the package was corrupt, so yesterday i downloaded 5.1.4 again and replace the 5.1.4 version on my local and it has different size, so i though it has been updated and fixed, but i was wrong. It still displays the same error messages.

Hm... I'm quite curious, since i use the same parameter to compile the 4.4.2 version and it worked. I have also adjusted the parameter to skip the libiconv, but it still failed. Maybe i should install GD from the original source and give it another try. Let's hope it works in the next try. Too bad i didn't bring the parameter i used to compile PHP in my flash disk, so i couldn't post it here.

Anybody have the similar error messages?