Sunday, July 30, 2006

Compiling PHP5

Few days ago i tried to upgrade my PHP into PHP5 (5.1.4) on my Slackware, but i always get an error on gd that wasn't referenced to libiconv_open. That was strange, as i used the GD bundled in the PHP packages, so it should be working. I have downloaded the latest libiconv directly from GNU's website and have installed it, but still didn't work. I thought the package was corrupt, so yesterday i downloaded 5.1.4 again and replace the 5.1.4 version on my local and it has different size, so i though it has been updated and fixed, but i was wrong. It still displays the same error messages.

Hm... I'm quite curious, since i use the same parameter to compile the 4.4.2 version and it worked. I have also adjusted the parameter to skip the libiconv, but it still failed. Maybe i should install GD from the original source and give it another try. Let's hope it works in the next try. Too bad i didn't bring the parameter i used to compile PHP in my flash disk, so i couldn't post it here.

Anybody have the similar error messages?


  1. Will, kamu punya ebook ttg object-oriented programming PHP5 gak? Minta dong...

    Kalo buku, ada rekomendasi apa? Tapi jangan yg Abdul Kadir (itu mah cuma help diterjemahin) hahaha...


  2. ada banyak sih
    besok dech waktu aku balik jogja kamu ketempatku wae

    kalo yg abdul kadir sih enakan baca help :D
    lebih lengkap je

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    coba bukunya M. Farid Aziz terbitan elex.. lumayan bagus sih menurut ku..

    judulnya OOP dengan PHP5