Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finally Over

Finally i had time to upgrade my Slackware system on my laptop to the latest updates. It took merely 1 hour to finish all of the updates, as it contains more than 512 MB of KDE, Xorg, GIMP, Python, and many more. As i wrote in my previous post, i have to read the changelog carefully, as it could break my system if i failed the upgrades, as it will cause a library dependency hell as most of the application relies to libpng, but luckily it solved. I didn't upgrade all of the packages, since i used some other packages, like Mozilla Firefox, which i downloaded from the Mozilla's site. I also didn't upgrade my sysvinit and udev, as i used packages from Piter Punk and it's working. I don't want to take a risk by braking up my system at midnight. Also other package which i don't apply is the dhcp client package. In the previous changelog, Pat revert it back to 2.0.4, as 2.0.6 caused some problems and it was reported to him, but it was OK for me, so i didn't revert it back and now, i'll stick with it.

I had a little problem after upgrading my KDE. When i tried to logout and switch back to textmode, it stopped and i couldn't do anything. So i used the power button to restart it. After the system has been fixed (due to unclean shutdown), i tried to login to KDE again and logout again. Hm... it worked just fine, so i guess it only happens once after the upgrades. When i looked at the error messages, it had some problems with alsa, but it wasn't the main reason why it stops. Also, there was another problem with the NVidia module, so the quick solution was by re-installing the NVidia driver and that's all. It's all fixed. I tested all of my daily-basis applications and all of them worked very well without any problem. So i guess, my upgrade process finished successfully :D

My next update schedule will be for the kernel. I have download, the latest kernel available up to now (it probably has been changed as you read this), and it contains quite a lot of security fixes for -stable version. Let's hope i can finish it this week then.