Thursday, July 27, 2006

Voilaa.. There You Are

I got an email from Slackware security mailing list that there has been an updated packages for some packages in slackware-current, including Xorg, GIMP, Mutt, and Xine-lib. When i checked the -current changelog, whoaaa.... there were a LOT of updates from Pat. Mostly were recompiled packages, since Pat has upgraded libpng library, which was one of the most used library in Slackware (and in any other distro) and the developer had changed the symlink, so all packages that linked to libpng should be recompiled (or rebuild) again in order to fix the dependency hell problem.

The kernel series in /testing has also been upgraded to which was released yesterday (that was quite fast, since he also add some patch on rc.modules for system running 2.4.x kernel). We ARE going closer to Slackware 11.0.

Warning: To those who runs current, please make sure you read the changelog carefully, as it may break your system. Some packages were merged (Python for example) and some were split (fontconfig and freetype from Xorg packages).