Sunday, July 23, 2006

Visual Radio in India

Image by PhoneWorld

According to PhoneyWorld, India will become the third country in the world after Singapore and Helsinki to have a visual radio service. For now, it will only be available in New Delhi, but it may be available on many other cities also in the future, as India is growing so fast in IT industry perpective.

Taken from Wikipedia :
Visual Radio is a technology developed by Nokia for making easier for audiences to interact with radio programs. Visual Radio is built-in functionality available in an increasing number of phones that are already equipped with analog FM radio. The interactive visual channel is produced by the radio station. It offers several opportunities for interactivity in radio programming: quizzes, messaging, content download, commerce, etc.

It is important to note that Nokia's Visual Radio is not radio streaming - the audio is received via a regular analog FM radio embedded in the phone. A presentation of graphics and text, sychronized to the audio programming, is being streamed to the phone over a data connection; indeed, the FM transmission chain is unaffected by the addition of Visual Radio.

Anybody can guess when will this service is available in Indonesia??

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