Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Finally : CCB

Finally, Dick and Johan have arrived at Indonesia and we will have a CCB decided today. We definitely need a CCB to decide some decision for the projects, mostly deciding which changes should be worked and which are not to be done in the current version since the timeline is very strict. We will have to deliver the final version before September 6 and there are still a lot of open issues and CR (Change Request) from the clients.

We have asked for CCB for a long time, but there hasn't been any answer from the Netherlands and the client itself, and now we have one. Ideally, CCB should have been formed when the project started, but since i haven't worked here when the project started, so i don't know about it and now, since i'm the project leader for the OWG Project replacing my colleague Mr. Yenn Madyanto, i'm urging that the CCB should have been made for now (it's quite late since Mr. Yenn have asked about this for a long time, but it's better than having no CCB at all).

FYI, i'm working on OWG Project. Here are the description of the project itself from our project page:

OWG project is a desktop-based educational application that was built to help visual and hearing impaired childrens to learn using computers as their tools. It consists of eleven modules which are categorized for learning alphabets, words, typing, basic arithmetic such as decimal numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun and friendly environment. It has a text-to-speech and also highlighting features to provide both visual and audio feedback to the students. Teacher will be able to set up time limit, number of exercises, type of exercises and settings to fit each pupils' conditions.


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    "Dick and Johan has arrived"

    Yang benar "Dick and Johan have arrived"

  2. apakah itu CCB .. ?? mumet aku ndak mudheng .. uheuehuheue

  3. Polisi gremer: Thanks. It has been fixed.

    Ochik : Lihat di link di wikipedia yang aku kasih. Itu istilah buat sekelompok orang yang bertanggung jawab untuk membuat sebuah keputusan tentang sebuah perubahan yang diminta oleh klien. Jadi perubahan belum tentu harus diterapkan, tetapi harus ada persetujuan dulu dari CCB, baru bisa diterapkan

  4. Great to read about projects handled :) I can't wait for my first day in the office (Monday)

  5. When will you come? 17 or 24 of July?

  6. next monday I will arrive, the 17th at work :)