Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Google Spreadsheet Rival

Today, i just had a comments from Cliff in one of my recent post : "A Lot of MS Office Alternatives". He is working for EditGrid, a new online spreadsheet application, like Google Spreadsheet. Some of the feature they provide in this release:
* Real-time Update (RTU). See changes immediately when someone edits the spreadsheet you are now opening.

* Remote data update. Periodically updates online spreadsheets by retrieving live financial data on the web (includes stockquote and forex).

* Full keyboard navigation for the advanced spreadsheet users.

* 500+ functions: SUM(), STDEV(), COUNTIF(), VLOOKUP(), ... some EditGrid unique functions are coming soon!

* Advanced Data Formatting: date, time, currency, scientific, ... and even custom format strings!

* Import and export in common file formats (MS Excel, CSV, HTML, Gnumeric, Lotus 1-2-3, OpenOffice, ...).

* Excellent permalinks link to your online spreadsheets easily.

* Comprehensive access control. Share to user, share with password, share to everyone, you control!

* Cross-browser. Fully supports Internet Explorer 6.0+, as well as Mozilla FireFox and all other Gecko-based Browsers.

* Post to Blog. Want to share your data on your blog? EditGrid offers a way.

* API. Want to make use of EditGrid in your application? The ball is in your court.

You can view the comparison between EditGrid Vs Google Spreadsheet (it's also a demo for the application itself and it's not only EditGrid Vs Google, but also MS Excell 2003 and WikiCalc).

They do have a future planning about features that will be implemented and also a release schedule. Nice application, since we can know when will certain features be available.