Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Google Earth 4 Beta

Google has just released a beta version of Google Earth 4.x. This version is an improvement from the previous Google Earth and it has simpler user interface that makes it easy to navigate all the panels. They have also improve their 3D building textures, so it will make things sharper and better look. Taken from Google Earth's site :
"The textured 3D building meaning the bricks look like real bricks, the glass like real glass, and overall, the world looks more like, well, the real world. It's just one more step on the path of creating a life-like 3D model of the whole planet. There's just one catch - there aren't many photorealistic 3D building models out there. Yet. That's where Google Sketchup comes in".

It also available on Linux version, something that wasn't available on the previous Google Earth before (i think Google is trying to make all of their products available on all platforms. I believe they have achieved a good feedback on Picasa by using Wine and now, they continue their work into Google Earth).

But, they still have some typos on the program. As you can see in the screenshot (click to have larger images. It's in Windows version, as i didn't install any GNU/Linux distro on my office's laptop), Jakarta is written as Djakarta and Surabaya is written as Surabaja. Maybe they will read this post and fix it in their final release.


  1. Oh yes, they should have written "Soerabaja" (instead of "Surabaja") if they want to consistently use the old spelling.

  2. Yes, it's still on Beta phase, so i hope it will be fixed in their final version.