Sunday, July 16, 2006

Confusion Around Mandriva Translator

At Mandriva's mdk-l18n mailing list, some people have complained about the information where they can find the exact location of the translations files, since some file has been migrated to SVN, while the rest still uses CVS. Berty for example, she had complained about this in her email :

well, I've found urpmi under svn tree, born 2 weeks ago it seems. So I assume urpmi was moved permanently from cvs to svn.

It would have been great if we, translators, had been warned about that.

So I reiterate my request : it would be useful to know where the po are, cvs or svn, and also the planning of migration (on the wiki for example).

This migration causes so much problems, such as account problem (i had that problem also, when i tried to checkout the new modules that has been migrated to SVN, but it always refuse my old password. After i talked to Warly, then my account was restored and i can do the updates again). Other problem was permission problem like Berty had in the CVS version :
Checking in urpmi.po/fr.po;
/cooker/soft/urpmi/po/fr.po,v <-- fr.po
new revision: 1.303; previous revision: 1.302
cvs [commit aborted]: could not open lock file
`/cooker/soft/urpmi/po/,fr.po,': Permission denied

I had this problems also when i didn't recognize that DrakX files had been moved to SVN, while i'm trying to commit to CVS service.

Well, we definitely need an information where can we find the translations and also the path to the files (mostly usefull for new translators). For CVS service, it's located in their CVS Repository, but still, no exact information about the files to be translated.

Let's hope they can build a nice Wiki information about this.

Other problem that hasn't been fixed up to now is the statistics on the translations page. For example, in Indonesian page, i have finished all DrakX translations, but the page still displays the old value (it's not updated for more than 2 weeks).

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