Saturday, July 15, 2006

YM !+ MSN = ??

What would it be if Yahoo Messenger! and Windows Live Messenger (MSN) are being combined? On the beta version of Yahoo Messenger 8, they have added new feature to add your MSN friend's accounts, so then you can chat with them via YM! and vice versa (Plus see when they're online, right from YM!). Well, for the first look, it's a good idea, since some people prefer Yahoo Messenger and the rest prefer MSN Live, but after thinking for a little while, they might cause some problems:

- What if our friends have both of the accounts? If we add them, then we will have a lot of friend contacts. Just in case one of them are offline, we still have the other one (this is the advantage), but if both of them were offline, online, offline , and online again (for example due to bad network connection), then it will be quite annonying.

- What about the Audibles which only works on YM! and Wink which only works on Windows Live? Will they have a interoperability on it?

- YM! and MSN have different emoticons and also the shortcut for the emoticons. It will make people confuse about the shortcut if they try to send an emoticons to other messenger client, since the output may different from what we expected.

- In MSN, you could add a new emoticons via a chat. So if someone is sending you a new emoticons and you like it, you can add it into your own emoticons list (since it's an image mostly). But you can't do that in YM!. The only think you can do is adding Audibles list. Of course, you can use Hidden Audibles to reveal the hidden audibles that weren't activated in default installation.

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