Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OpenOffice.org Wiki

Many people doesn't know that OOo has a wiki site also. Well, it's not as popular as other wiki site, such as Mozilla's Wiki, but it's worth to see, as it contains a lot of information about OpenOffice.org itself. There are four main entries, Development, Marketing, NLC Native-Language Confederation, and User Resources, but inside this site, there are a lot more than this. You should check this wiki if you need some information about OOo or if you want to start giving contibution to the OOo project itself. Indonesian native lang project has a site on this wiki service also. It's mainly being used for giving instructions on how to work with ooo-id project. More information will be added here also, but we will see that later.

If you need any information to be added, please send me an email.